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We Believe in Sustainability

OBA is committed to the pursuit of ecologically sound practices whenever and wherever possible in the production process of premium quality varietal wines. 


OBA wine has forged strong relationships with growers in order to produce reasonably priced wines of superior quality. Our growers are located in regions that offer strong varietal character and exceptional value, including Monterey, Amador, Carneros, Lake County, and the Central Coast. Over thirty years later, OBA Wines continue to offer some of the finest California values on the market. Our premium quality, moderately priced wines are favored by premium wine retailers and, in particular, the hotel and restaurant trade. OBA Wines has built a reputation as a preferred on-premise California by-the-glass product in many regions of the country.


Our Growers

Our Amador County Zinfandel grower, Clockspring Vineyards, is a Certified California Organic Farmer since 1994, and the resultant wine is produced exclusively from organic fruit. In addition, the vineyard is also primarily Dry Farmed. Today the vineyard is certified organic and certified dry-farmed thanks to our collaboration with our growers. In the coming years, all growers will comply fully with “green” standards. Several of our principal growers in Monterey and the Central Coast have adopted sustainable farming methods and are happy to report environmentally sensitive results along with quality and economic benefits from the changes to "let the 'green' soil do its job naturally" have been realized. These methods revolve around minimal use of non-organic fertilizer and avoidance of pesticides and herbicides. Sulfite levels in the wines are kept to the minimum allowable to maintain wine quality in the commercial circles where the OBA Vintners wines are distributed nationally and internationally.

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