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Seasonal Wine Gift Giving Guide

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

It's the holiday season, which means it's the perfect time to gift alcohol to family and friends.

Wine makes a great gift, but there’s no one bottle that fits every occasion. Whether it’s a holiday get-together, Friendsgiving, a bottle to celebrate a milestone or to say “thank you,” here are wines that perfectly fit the bill.

Giving someone a bottle of wine as a gift may seem a straightforward process, but here are a few tips to follow before you gift your loved ones just any bottle of wine. As with any gift, the careful selection and presentation of a bottle of wine will go a long way in showing your recipient how much you value your relationship. Putting the time and effort into researching and selecting the perfect bottle will make your gift feel curated, and your recipient feels special.

Here are 8 tips for you to follow:

  1. Think of your recipient

  2. Remember the wine is a gif

  3. Know how much wine to give

  4. Consider the season

  5. Include a note

  6. Presentation is everything

  7. Leave the bottle

  8. Don't be cheap

Think of the Recipient

When it comes to wine etiquette, knowing your recipient is the key to picking the right wine. I know you may want to share your favorite Moscato, but is that what they would like? There are so many different varietals of wine, so even if the person is picky, you'll still be able to gift the person a great bottle.

Remember this is a Gift

Again, remember that this is a gift and to be enjoyed at the recipient's leisure. Don't buy a bottle of wine as a gift and anticipate drinking it that same day. This is a gift and exactly that. Let the recipient enjoy that bottle of wine on their time.

Be Conscious of How Much Wine to Gift

Does the recipient consider themselves a wine expert, who likes to pair wine with their dinners, or do they only enjoy a glass on special occasions? If it’s the latter, one bottle that pairs well with their favorite dish or flavors will do the trick. If it’s the former, and the recipient likes to host guests on a regular basis, a couple of bottles will surely be welcomed and your thoughtfulness will be remembered well after the gift is received. If you’re attending an event with a partner, consider bringing a bottle from each of you.

Take the Season into Consideration

An essential aspect of wine etiquette to consider is selecting an appropriate wine for the season. Of course, your recipient can enjoy the bottle at whatever time works best for them, but buying a bottle that coincides with the current season will help your gift make more of an impact. Lighter wines such as Champagne, rosé, and sauvignon blanc are great for summer months. In contrast, heartier wines such as cabernet sauvignon and riesling make the perfect choice for winter. Fruity and lighter wines such as sparkling white wine and pinot grigio are spring's best wines. Fuller-bodied wines such as viognier and zinfandel are the perfect complement to the cooling season of Autumn. Hickory Farms has a wide selection of red wine gift baskets, white wine gift baskets, and more that are already packaged and ready to go for any occasion.

Include a Personal Note

Nothing makes a gift more personal than a handwritten note. You want your gift to stand out among others, especially when you're giving your gift at a party.

Presentation is Key

Don't just hand your bottle of wine over like it's hard liquor. Put your bottle in a reusable gift or even wrap your bottle in a bow. Make your bottle stand out.

Leave the Bottle Behind

I can't express this enough. When you give a bottle of wine as a gift, leave the bottle at the receipts house. Leave the gift bag as well. Never be that person.

Please Don't Buy Cheap Wine

No one is saying you have to break the bank when gifting wine but remember it's a gift. Less expensive wines, are usually better to cook with and should be avoided when gifting. There are plenty of decent bottles of wine at reasonable, mid-range prices. Consider your relationship with the recipient before deciding how much to spend, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from your local wine-shop owner to find the perfect bottle that fits your price range.

With all that being said don't overthink gifting wine. If you're unsure, ask someone at the store for help. Also, check out reviews on wines as well.

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